The Hazelwood Green Campus is a proposal for Pittsburgh's Center of Llife non profit organization and developed with the guidance of  Phipps Conervatory of plants. The  design takes into account budget, demountability and sustainality guidelines and seeks to become an agricultural and social hub for the city. Climate studio lighting and heat simulations were used for the design of spaces such as the greenhouse and the aquaponics facility.

Exploded axon
Site plan

The design uses recycled and low impact materials such as shipping containers and CLT wood. The shipping containers become spaces for internvention of local artists, acting as murals. Additionaly, landscaping was key for the design of the campus which is why instead of gravel, exterior spaces are composed of  pervious pavers, raingardens and exterior terrafarming.


Classrooms get direct views into the aquaponics facility and are equipped with indoor farming beds for students to participate in the growing process themselves.